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In the past the word cardigan has made me shudder. It reminds me of old age and uninspiring work-wear. But more recently, my attention has been grabbed by a number of people wearing super-long cardigans. Amazingly, they make the wearer look both elegant and grungy at the same time, and don't appear bland at all!
 There a few key points however, one should consider when buying, to ensure you cardigan game is high: 

1. Modern cardigans should be worn longer than your hips, preferably as close to your knees as possible or even longer! This elevates the cardigan from granny to glamour.  

2. Avoid hoods on cardigans. There are a disturbing amount of these about right now. Too casual! If you want something warm with a hood, buy a hooded sweatshirt. I usually like a bit of a hybrid, but in this case it's an awful idea. 

3. Belting is always a good idea. Enough said.

4.Patterns! Be wary of the over-saturated 'aztec' 'boho' 'geo' printed cardigan market. Very rarely is there a long cardigan in one of the above patterns that can genuinely be described as that word. Most patterns from the high-street tip into trashy/pre-teen territory. I'm a complete cardigan snob I know, but you have been warned! (This does not necessarily apply to the poncho/blanket/cape market btw.)

5. These can totally be used instead of jackets/coats during the Autumnal season if the weather allows. Practical and stylish. Boom. 

Now you know the rules, see below for some of my favourites from my perusing of the internet.

Clockwise from top left:
Black/Camel coat cardigan - Mango: here
Embroidered cardigan - Zara: here
Camel cardigan - H&M: here
Fringed grey cardigan - ASOS: here
Black cardigan - H&M: here
Black/White striped cardigan - Topshop: here
Grey belted cardigan - Zara: here

P.S I already own the H&M black cardigan and am planning on purchasing it in the camel colour as well, not to mention possibly adding the belted Zara to my now expanding knitwear wardobe. Happy Cardigan-ing!


Make a Statement


H&M Statement Necklace - similar here

I love jewellery. It has taken me a while to get to a place that I can admit this. My relationship with adornments has been rocky. Sometimes I feel cluttered when wearing jewellery, sometimes I feel very childish. I get annoyed and tear it all off my arms/neck/ears/fingers/all of the above. I recount the over-used Coco Chanel quote about taking one thing off before leaving the house, to make myself feel better. Later in the day, I will get angry at the shiny instagram girls with their artful layers of jewellery posing in front of palm trees or on white sandy beaches.

ASOS Silver Ear-cuff - here

Now I have admitted defeat. I love jewellery. My particular favourites of the moment are my small caged ear-cuff from ASOS and my kick-ass (and affordable) statement necklace from H&M. When wearing these I feel badass.

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